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Hey guys.. sorry about the DA radio silence; been neck deep in the publishing industry and it's taken up the bulk of my time.

Below is a post explaining what happened to…

Feel free to add me on Facebook

All the best guys

Conzz 8-)

I did an interview with the awesome ladies over at Contagious Reads - and included is some useful info for any of you guys interested in working in the cover-art biz. Head on over to check it out:

Interview with Conzpiracy Digital Arts | Contagious Reads


Thanks so much everyone for voting for my cover, that was nominated for AusRomToday's 'Cover of the Year' award. Our cover is currently FIRST, with 20 likes ahead of the front-runner.. the Cohesion team and I really appreciate your votes.

Voting is open till the end of November, so if you'd like to drop us a 'LIKE' on the voting post, you can help seal the deal :)

AusRomToday - Cover of the Year Nomination


Facebook destroyed my old account, by converting it into a stupid 'business page', which I really don't want to use. I have a new account, so if you want to connect on there, please feel free to add me:

Conzpiracy Dean on Facebook

All the best guys, I hope you're all well :)

Hi guys

As you know, I've been busy working in the cover-art world, and out of nowhere.. I've been nominated for Cover of the Year by AusRomToday, which is a fantastic honour.

Their voting system is based on Facebook 'likes' (blegh!!), so if you could spare a second and hit 'like' on the post, I will be truly appreciative :) :)


Thanks again, I hope you're all well :) :)

- Conzz
Hey guys.. I know it's been a long time off the grid, but I'm keen to jump right back in and re-assert my place here at DeviantArt 8-)

Can any of you fine Deviants suggest some high quality / high traffic Photomanipulation groups?

I seem to have deleted a lot of them for some reason or the other, but I know they can be good for reaching new audiences. Cheers!! :D


SurrealPSD is on a hiatus, as my career in publishing has gone supernova over the past 6 months.. Although I loved creating tutorials, I just don't have the stamina to work for around 5 publishers, and create content at the same time.. Don't worry guys, it will be back, and better than ever before :)

I'm well, thanks for asking.. been busy creating covers and learning lots of new tricks in layout, typography and design - working fulltime as a cover artist.

Look forward to getting back amongst it here though.

All the best

Apologies for the radio silence guys, I've been wheelin n dealin' with cover art, and sometimes I just tend to slow down a bit. I do wish I could push 'full-throttle' at all times though lol..

Here's a roundup of our latest tutorials and articles over at SurrealPSD:

5 Lesser Known Benefits of Attending Design School

Get the lowdown on the hidden benefits of learning your craft at college / university - it's a big choice to make!!

Ultimate Black and White Tutorial

Not all Black and White is created equal.. find out how to achieve HIGH impact black and white with this video tutorial.

So You'd Like to be a Cover Artist?

An article exploring why the time is ripe for Book Cover Designers during our current publishing boom.

B-Movie Title Photoshop Tutorial

Create a gnarly 50s style B-Movie title with this very simple video tutorial!!

We're an independent tutorial site - you can support what we do by sharing with your friends.


Conzz 8-)

Hi guys, here's our weekly roundup of brand-new Photomanip tutorials, guides and walkthroughs 8-)

• Dark Abstract Photoshop Tutorial

We're really diversifying things over SurrealPSD, and our latest offering really mixes things up.. Use compositing techniques to create an elegant, dark Abstract piece with this Photomanipulation Walkthrough.

• Contour Shaping - Photoshop Makeup Tutorial

Damn this is one sneaky retouching process :P Use simple Digital Painting techniques to add makeup to your photographs with this video tutorial.

• 5 Surefire Ways to Kickstart your Marketing Strategy

Want to get paid for your Digital Art?? You'll need a solid marketing plan..

Best of luck!!

Conzz 8-)
Sometimes Some Experimentation is All It Takes..

As I mention in my latest walkthrough, I've always been jealous of those who achieve that 'painterly' quality with their photomanipulation work.

I ran through a series of experiments to replicate the style, and the results weren't too bad!! You can find out how to use compositing and over-painting techniques to create a dreamy photomanipulation scene with our latest walkthrough:

• Dreamy Over-Painting Photoshop Tutorial

In this week's 'quick tip', I lay-out a super-fast method for creating vacant, glossy white eyes, all explained step-by-step in a video tutorial.

This was a request, so if you have any ideas for future tutorials, don't hesitate to give me a shout! :)

• White Glossy Eyes - Photoshop Video Tutorial

As 'battle-hardened' vets, we sometimes take all of our Photomanip knowledge for granted.

In this quick guide, a range of Photomanipulation terms are explained, familiarising the newbie with the language of the artform:

• Photomanipulation Terms Explained

..Lots more incoming guys.

As scrappy independents, we can only survive with the support of the community.

Any shout-outs or shares allows us to grow, so we really appreciate you spreading the word :)

All the best,

Conzz 8-)

So I've been spending a lot of time trawling some awesome digitized collections, that have been released into the public domain. A number of museums and libraries have put their collections online, and at very decent sizes, encouraging the public to use, alter and interact with the works. Outstanding.

In response to this, I have created a brand new Digital Collage Tutorial, which explains where you can find these brilliant resources:

• Digital Collage Photoshop Tutorial

For the week's 'quick tip', I've put together a video walkthrough explaining three techniques for removing / hiding objects. In this video, we cover Content Aware Fill, The Patch Tool, and good ol' Digital Painting:

• Removing Objects - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Many hobbyists want to make the jump from recreational to professional. This article outlines the key points to securing repeat business - which is essential to survive in this game:

• Removing Objects - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Lots more incoming over the week!! It would be awesome if you could share - growth is key to the survival of the site :)

Kindest regards


Hello everyone, hope you're well.

My sporadic / non-existent DA presence has been due to an addiction that I have suffered through, since early last year. I'd promised myself I'd never get involved in it, but then I moved away from home, and circumstances were different.

I started using Facebook.

Yah, I promised I'd never do it, and then I went and done it.

Aside from a brand new social media addiction, I've been neck deep in book covers, and making some noise in the Horror Literature scene - good times. I'm now focusing FULL TIME on SurrealPSD, which will be my main focus for 2014..

What's that mean?? New content every week, and lots of it. As a little bit of a retrospective, here's a look at what we've done so far. It's a great site, and I'm, very proud of it. I look forward to reintegrating into DA - I hope you're all good, and that everyone isn't still arguing about 'copying' each others work and attacking little kids for copyright violations LOL :bucktooth:

All the best

Conzz 8-)

• Why Photo manipulation rules - Examining the power of Photomanipulation

• Anatomy of a Photo Manipulation - Breaking down a complex Photomanipulation

• Digital Artists guide to Gaining Work-Experience - Scoring freelance work as a digital artist.

• Document Setup in Photoshop - How to setup new documents in Photoshop

• Photoshop Pen Tool [HD] Video Tutorial - Learn the greatest function in Photoshop!!

• Selecting Stock Photography - Improve the quality of your art Instantly

• Photoshop Levels [HD] Video Tutorial - Using the Levels command for your Photo Manips

• 10 Photomanipulation Tips for Beginners - Ten bitesize tips to get you on your way

• Photoshop Layers Tutorial (Part 1) - An explanation of the absolute basics of Photoshop Layers

• Photoshop Layers Tutorial (Part 2) - Photoshop layers explained more in-depth

• Photoshop Adjustment Layers Tutorial - Non-destructive image editing!!

• Undead Eyes Photoshop Tutorial - Create believable Zombie eyes in Photoshop

• Skeletal Features Photoshop Tutorial - Work dem bones!!

• The Power of Observation - Improve your Photoshop work by observing peers

• Photoshop Flesh Wounds Tutorial - Create grisly torn flesh effects

• Lighting in Photo Manipulation (Part 1) - Understand the physics of light

• Lighting in Photo Manipulation (Part 2) - Achieve realism with shadows

• Instant Backgrounds in Photoshop - Create simple backgrounds, instantly!!

• 10 ways to Increase your Audience on DeviantArt - It's a funny old place

• Destroy Text Photoshop Tutorial - Grungy Type, Band of Brothers style

• Producing Flyers in Photoshop Tutorial - Understanding formatting, colour modes and more

• Photoshop Android: Mech Spines Tutorial - Robots with a DIFFERENT look

• Photoshop Android: Machine Works Tutorial - Stunning Android Machinery

• Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts - 10 Useful Shortcuts, guaranteed to speed up your workflow

• Brunette Hair Tutorial - A nifty trick for compositing long dark hair in Photoshop

• Photoshop Android: Panel Work Tutorial - You always needed robo-panels

• 10 tips for University Success - Find out how to get the most out of your course

• An Introduction to Photoshop - An overview of the world's best image editing program, Adobe Photoshop

• Colour Theory & Composition - Two great articles on these important topics

• Depth of Field in Photo Manipulation - Use fine art techniques to add realism to your Photoshop work

• Background Removal with Layer Masks - Quick Selection tools, seriously, you don't need them

• Black Demon Eyes Photoshop Tutorial - Create believable black eyes with this simple walkthrough

• Basic Photoshop Retouch Tutorial - Check out these quick n dirty retouching techniques

• Photo Manip Deconstructed - Breaking down a complex Photomanip and looking at the elements

• Photoshop Android: Highlights and Wires Tutorial - Does exactly what it says on the tin ;)

• Pen Tool Background Removal Tutorial - The Pen Tool is my wife.. Find out why I love her so

• Highlights in Photo Manipulation - Ambience, depth and realism in your work? Find out how

• Know your Basics, Perspective - Check out this awesome guide we found

• Compositing and Selecting Hair in Photoshop - This is the best explanation I've seen

• Freelance advice for the Digital Artist - Honest advice for those seeking work

• Ambient Colour in Photoshop - A tutorial looking at some colour processing approaches

• Photoshop Chrome Type Tutorial - Produce a sleek chrome-like effect for type

• Vexel Style Portraits (Part 1) - Create stunning vexel portraits using bezier and soft-edged techniques

• Vexel Style Portraits (Part 2) - Create stylised hair with these awesome vexel techniques

• Importance of Scale and Composition - Time-proven techniques to improve your digital art

• Photoshop Makeup with Soft Light Tutorial - Stunning Digital Makeup, easy and fun!!

• The Psychology Behind Movie Poster Design - As a poster artist, I love this

• Photoshop Textures Tutorial - Blending techniques and texture fun!!

• Photoshop Layer Masks Explained - Use and understand masks with our jargon-free guide

• Photoshop Selection Tools Explained - Get the skinny right here

• Movie Poster Lighting in Photoshop Tutorial - Add DRAMA with lighting!!

• How to use Colour - A great article that looks closely at colour theory and it's uses / applications

• How Much To Charge For Design Work? - Useful tips on how much to charge clients!

• Ghost Text Photoshop Tutorial - Add ethereal menace to your type with this simple walkthrough

• Photoshop Beauty Retouch for Beginners - Check out this simple Retouch walkthrough

• True Blood: Photoshop Vampire Tutorial - Inspired by the True Blood posters!!

• Photoshop Makeup Tutorial - Produce amazing makeup effects with this Photoshop walkthrough

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• The Realities of a Freelance Digital Artist - What it's like folks, warts n all

• Flaming Skull Photoshop Tutorial - Skulls, check. Flames, check. Let's do it!!

• Cinematic Sharpening, Photoshop Video Tutorial - Add POP to your digital art

• Rule of Thirds, Photoshop Video Tutorial - Your work WILL be improved with better composition

• Gothic Makeover Photoshop Video Tutorial - Goth yourself up

• Create Flyer Previews for Clients - Use shortcuts to quickly produce Flyer Previews

• Muertos Style Photoshop Tutorial - Day of the Dead candy skull goodness

• Compositing Animals Photoshop Tutorial - Animal fur in Photoshop?? No problem!!

• Photoshop Rage Virus Tutorial - Inspired by 28 Days Later, ANGRY zombies!!

• 80s Slasher Photoshop Tutorial - Schlocky Horror Poster art, great fun

• Blood Type Photoshop Tutorial - Create a Bloody Type effect with this walkthrough

• Bloodshot Eyes, Photoshop Video Tutorial - Realistic Zombie eyes in Photoshop!!
Get the Skinny

Hey guys, just a little shoutout that Im doing a Freelancing Q&A on FB today:

'Many of you guys will be at the stage where your work is 'Broadcast Quality', and you'd like to use your artistic skills to generate a second source of income. On this post I'll be answering any questions you may have regarding Freelancing, securing work, dealing with clients etc.

A little bit of context, Ive been freelancing now for 15 years - my clients are premoninantly publishers, authors, performing artists and event promoters in two niches that Im very passionate about; Horror and Drum n Bass.

I'll be online throughout the day to answer any questions you have, and point you in the right direction where needs be!! Look forward to hearing from you.

- Conzz

Clicky: Freelancing Q&A - SurrealPSD Facebook

Be sure to head over the the post, and get your question in as this is running today only. See you there!!

Conzz 8-)
Cut Out those Pesky Animals!!

Hey guys. Ive put together a brand new video tutorial, which demonstrates how to use Photoshop's powerful Refine Edge function for dealing with fur and compositing animals!! There's some other tricks in there also, so be sure to check it out:

Compositing Animals Photoshop Tutorial, at SurrealPSD

Kiren's Digital Scream, August 2013

Our monthly Digital Art feature, curated by KirenBagchee, is fast gaining notoriety as one of the premiere selections on the planet. This installment is no exception, instant inspiration!!

Kiren's Digital Scream - August 2013

Tattoo Style Photoshop Tutorial

Are you a psycho with the Pen Tool, just like me?? If you answer yes to that question, then this walkthrough may appeal to you.. Day of the Dead baby!! Participate at your own risk :bucktooth:

Altar Muertos Tattoo Style Tutorial

I hope you enjoy the work that goes into the SurrealPSD website

Muchos respect

Conzz 8-)
Premium Stock, For the People

You guys may remember from my previous journal that Im planning on creating a Premium Stock Photography Website, aimed at hobbyists and lower end graphic designers / digital artists. The idea is really starting to grow legs, and the unanimously positive feedback is really encouraging me to make the jump.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

To get everything setup, paying contractors / funding the marketing campaign - Im looking at an initial budget of 25,000GBP ($39,000USD). A couple of folks have suggested Kickstarter, but that's not a route I want to take - ideally I'd like to raise that figure myself, and maintain full control of the project. If I need to get an additional 10K business loan from the bank, then I may entertain that option.

I am fiercely independent, and bit of a control freak!! I'd really like to do this without investors or community donations.

"How Will you Raise the Funds?"

I'll put out more content on SurrealPSD, and get my product Art System Photoshop promoted properly. I'll use sales from this product, and *god forbid!* get a 'normal job' to pull in an income from multiple revenue sources. I won't hit that figure very soon from designing book covers alone!! Ive never saved for anything in my life before, so it would be interesting to see if I can actually do it.

"Can this Business Work?"

With a bit of initial number crunching, I believe this thing will be sustainable if we can get 1000 members. With more sign-ups, we can expand and bring in elite level models from agencies such as, Special FX prosthetic makeup artists, Costume Designers, crazy props and more!! Considering the number of Photoshop hobbyists on the planet, I believe 1000 is a very conservative number, and not unmanageable.

"I really like your idea, how can I help?"

As noted previously, Im not keen on taking financial contributions from the community. Once I have a game-plan in place, I'll put up a 'holding page' and start collecting email addresses from everyone interested in the service. This will be the best way to help at this stage, register your interest and encourage your buddies to do the same.

During the 'final stretch' of the project, there will be lots more that you guys can do to help :D

What Say You

The comments left on the previous journal were phenomenally helpful!! I'd love to hear your thoughts once more, so I can glean the gems from your collective knowledge. There were tonnes of great ideas :D

Kindest regards

The 2014 Project

I feel it's time to share with you guys my biggest project to date, that is currently in the 'Incubation' stage.. This one is 50 times the scale of Art System Photoshop, and will require a considerably larger investment of personal finance, time and energy.

The Stock Dilemma

There are different 'tiers' of Digital Artist.. The majority are 'Turbo Hobbyists' - Housewives into Fantasy Art, Young Adults, Teenagers and Students perfecting their craft. You have lower end professionals, like me who do cover-art for independent publishers, and promo material for musicians etc. Above this level, you have the Graphic Designers / Digital Artists - independent or studio based, who work for big brands.

95% of the community are dependent on free stock resources from DA and elsewhere. Those that can afford premium stock have a larger selection to choose from, but are still limited to a select few models and togs who do the figurative concepts well.

I want to build a premium stock website, that anyone can afford. At present, using my preferred Microstock website, I pay around $12 per fullsize image. If I buy a one month subscription, it is considerably more - sometimes hundreds of dollars. I can manage this, as Im being paid for the work Im doing, but what about the hundreds of thousands of hobbyists who want a bigger selection to choose from?

Figurative Stock

In 2014 I am going to build a studio, and contract a team of professionals to create figurative stock photography en-masse. On-hand I have a professional photographer who currently works for one of the planet's leading publishing companies, a 'prodiguous' photography student I previously taught, a fully accredited fashion designer for wardrobe, a makeup artist and access to a huge range of models.

Like I said before, this ones gonna be big.

All You Can Eat

We are taking the existing payment model for Premium Stock Photography, and turning it on it's head. There will be no 'credits' system, or exorbitant pricing structure. There will be a flat-rate monthly subscription, and anyone involved can download as much as they like. This model will be marketed as 'All You Can Eat' stock photography, and will not exceed $20. That figure would just about buy you one full-size image on Shutterstock. All Stock will be completely unrestricted.

Why Bother?

I believe there is a HUGE gap in the Premium Stock Photography market.. that the lower-end artists (including myself) are just not being catered for.

"..Yeah, that's all good buddy, but we can get whatever we want for FREE on DeviantArt!!"

Day to day I use the DA figurative stock, and it's an irreplaceable resource.. but it's a little tricky to use for commissions because of the rules in place for many of the images. Aside from that, I like a little bit of 'exclusivity', ie. using images that haven't been used before by other people, or are very rarely seen online. There are an elite selection of beautiful, creative and immensely talented Stock Artists here on DA, but unfortunately their works are used way too frequently by other artists. For me, that popularity can be an issue.

You all know I am not a photographer. I am a buyer of stock - I have spent THOUSANDS on stock images over the years. I know what I like, and I am pretty certain I have a good idea as to what the Photo Manipulation community require from the perfect stock image.

Breaking it Down

Here is a breakdown, outlining some of the considerations I have in mind at this point:

  1. It must be affordable for hobbyists. There will be an 'All You Can Eat' policy, and the images will be truly unrestricted.
  2. The main emphasis will be figurative, with a focus on hard to find concepts / ideas. 'Classic' themes such as pretty girls in Flowy Dresses will be very well catered for.
  3. New Faces. All models will be brand new to the stock photography circuit.
  4. Members interaction - models, concepts and ideas can all be voted on. As well as creating our own concepts, we'll also let members vote on the models they like and the concepts they would like to see created.
  5. Fresh content. Thousands of professionally shot images will be added on a monthly basis.
  6. Everything will be shot against neutral backgrounds, and care taken to ensure compositing will be as easy as possible for the Digital Artist.
  7. We will shoot hard to find props, in the best possible angles for integration into composite artwork.
  8. As a fan of alternative culture, we'll get in lots of beautiful tattooed / modified / unique men and women to shoot.

So that's the plan!! I know this isn't going to be for everyone, but I know for a 100% fact that this would be a viable solution for hundreds of thousands of digital artists who want bespoke, premium stock photography. There will always be folks out there that are not willing to invest in their craft, and that's totally kool - to each their own :)

Any feedback on this idea would be gratefully accepted.

Conzz 8-)

Heeeerrreee we go.. If you are an 'up n comer' and you want to make your mark on the art world - then this may just be the contest for you:


SurrealPSD Facebook Fan Page:

'Shoutout' Link:

SurrealPSD Contest Facebook Post

All in the Game

Ive put myself out there by releasing a product.. In doing so, Ive also attracted the attention of people that are resentful of my activities. This was always going to happen, Im kool with that.

I know 'haters gonna hate' - but I thought this would a fun opportunity to share a little of the backstory..

After teaching at university, I was inspired to take my 'Photo Manipulation' method to a wider audience. I spent two years of research, and then two years of development, creating Art System Photoshop. Alongside that, I put out hundreds of articles, walkthroughs and guides for free on SurrealPSD as well. (I couldn't have done it without the help of KirenBagchee, EveLivesey and :devmattseffbarnes: - thanks so much guys!!)

I had to learn web design, copywriting, marketing, automation systems, autoresponders, membership scripts, payment gateways, screencasting, video optimization, audio recording, soundproofing, microphone technique and many other skill-sets to create an efficient, useable product.

To pull everything together, I sold all of my possessions and quit my $62 per hour teaching job. With the exception of my comic-book collection, everything was sold to invest in the business. I moved to the other end of the country, to work in isolation. This is currently where I sleep:

Sleeping rough is no biggie to me, I grew up poor. Not seeing my loved ones is the biggest sacrifice behind this project, but it was a necessary move, to get that volume of work done. This entire project was a labor of love.

This isn't a 'woe is me' journal, I am incredibly happy that I fulfilled my dream. I LOVE teaching, this is my passion. I want this to be an inspiration to any of you guys who want to build a business from nothing, doing what you love. There will be sacrifices though, these things are rarely easy.

Thanks so much to everyone who has invested in this product so far, I will be making some huge improvements next week - I will give you all an update via email.

To the haters - keep doing what you do best. Im gonna push forward with my dreams, regardless :)

I may even treat myself to a new bed this week :P

Conzz 8-)
Took a While..

The course I have been obsessing over has finally landed. Let me start by saying a huge thankyou to the beta-testers and all the early birds who ordered on the first day. I sincerely hope you guys find value in the material, a lot of work went into it.

Im actually getting pretty tired of writing about it haha (not a good start!), so Im just going to let my student's art do the talking. Many of those works were created with less than three months solid practice. I kid you not.

Art System Photoshop - Video Training for Digital Artists

Im on hand to answer any questions you guys might have. More video tutorials coming soon to SurrealPSD as well! :D


Conzz 8-)

Photomanipulation Galleries

I'd like to get your feedback.. Do these submissions irk you somewhat?

Demotivational Posters
Fractalius Images getting 3000+ :+fav:s
Body-part Inflation Images
Less than stellar artwork getting 500+ :+fav:s, because the artist is extra nice to everyone
Copyrighted images getting 500+ :+fav:s, because everyone loves Doctor Who, Game of Thrones etc..
Hardcore Porn

"But favourites aren't important!" I hear the masses cry. 

Oh yes they are. Favourites are a powerful metric used to push your work higher up in the rankings. The higher you rank, the greater chance you have of being seen by prospective clients. DeviantArt is a tool used by many as a lead generation platform. 8-)

An Alternative

I came up with an idea last night for a social-art site focused solely on Photomanipulation. The platform uses an algorithm to filter artwork rankings on a purely meritocratic basis - not based on artist popularity or site activity levels. Copyrighted images, demotivational posters, fractalius work, body inflation images and hardcore porn would be banned. The ratings are 'crowd-sourced' onsite - and I think it's a really viable idea.

Anywho.. Don't want to give too much away, as this may be my big 2015 project. Would love to hear your thoughts!!

Conzz 8-)

Free PS Training for Stock Model (worth $250+)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 19, 2013, 7:56 AM
Model / Stock Model Required

Hi guys. As you probably know, I am busy working on a premium training site for Digital Artists. The course covers Photoshop Fundamentals, Art Theory and Online Marketing; and it's based on the syllabus I created to teach at University level.

At present, I have Beta-Testers from a wide range of disciplines / ability levels (Stock Photographers, Digital Artists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Motion GFX pros etc.) - but I'd love to get a stock model onboard who is interested in Photoshop Skills and Professional Marketing Techniques as well.

Stock Models are a massive part of the Photomanip community, and I'd like see this demographic represented in the course; as well as receive valuable feedback.

Sounds Brillo.. How do I Get It?

I have one premium beta-account to give away, to register your interest - simply make a comment below. Two weeks before the course is released, I'll use a number generator to select one of the comments at random. Totally fair, no favoritism 8-)

That's it - best of luck!!

Conzz 8-)

Official Website | Contact Form | Twitter | Youtube
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Art System Photoshop - Release Date Confirmed

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 2:03 AM
Go Time

Ive been pretty busy, adapting my Photomanipulation University Course, for the web. It's called Art System Photoshop, and it's gonna kick ass!! Finally Ive got a release date and some more info - head on over and check it out.

Clicky the Logo:

Conzz 8-)

Official Website | Contact Form | Twitter | Youtube
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Become a Backer for a Supernatural Thriller..

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 8:13 AM
The Pen Name

The guys at Permuted Press are awesome, Ive done tonnes of business with them over the past few years, and they've always been very decent clients. Here's the Kickstarter campaign for their exciting new novel 'The Pen Name':

Cool rewards, plus a chance to feel philanthropic? Author D.L. Snell and Permuted Press owner Jacob Kier have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first supernatural thriller, THE PEN NAME, written as David Jacob Knight. With a small donation, you can pre-order their novel or spring for awesome rewards like cheap ad space, or your choice of 24 Permuted Press books. Donate and get your name on a list at the end of the novel!

Official Website | Contact Form | Twitter | Youtube
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